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            Design for Cognitive Bias

            Our users have biases and so do we. My new book, Design for Cognitive Bias, explores how design and content strategy can help keep them at bay (or use them for good).

            Design for Cognitive Bias book cover.

            This essential book will fundamentally change the way you think about design—and about your own mind.

            Erika Hall
            Author, Just Enough Research
            David Dylan Thomas speaking at Confab.

            Photo Credit: Sean Tubridy / Confab Events

            Let’s Chat

            Need a speaker for your next event? I’ve given standing-room-only presentations at TEDNYC, SXSW, Confab, LavaCon, UX Copenhagen, Artifact, and the Wharton Web Conference (and my webinar game is pretty tight).

            My talks focus on how design can mitigate bias (or use it for good) and help people talk to each other more clearly and treat each other more equitably. I also offer an inclusive design workshop if you want a deeper dive on these topics.

            Get In Touch

            Upcoming Events

            Talks, workshops, webinars. I get up to a lot. Here’s what’s coming down the pike.

            David Dylan Thomas headshot and name below the name of the conference, which is Y Oslo

            Y Oslo

            Banner announcing David Dylan Thomas as a speaker at Content Marketing World event

            Content Marketing World

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            An Event Apart – Fall Summit 2021

            Text reading Button: The content design conference - online everywhere - October 20 - 22, 2021 with one button for registration and another to see the program (just a screenshot, the buttons don't do anything)

            Button 2021

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            Lean Agile Exchange

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            David Dylan Thomas explains cognitive bias with extraordinary clarity and compassion. His stage presence is at once commanding and approachable—he’s welcome back at Confab any time!

            Kristina Halvorson
            Founder, Confab Events

            Keep up with all the stuff I get up to...

            See Me in Action

            Talks and webinars I’ve given. Articles I’ve written. Podcasts, web series, and movies I’ve made.

            Keep up with all the stuff I get up to...